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Request your Medical Imaging Records

We move medical records from imaging providers to patients. Learn More.

How it Works

We connect PocketHealth directly into the hospitals and imaging clinics where imaging records are stored(we’re now integrated directly in over 700 clinics, hospitals and mobile imaging sites across North America!)

Why do we integrate directly ?

You fill out a paper form to enroll at your hospital/clinic, or you enroll online right here (no need to return back to your imaging site!). At this time, you would pay an administrative fee (typically $5.00).

How Does Pricing Work ?

A few minutes (for most hospitals/clinics) to a few hours/days later, you receive an email with a secure link to your PocketHealth account, with all of your available imaging records, in their original diagnostic ("DICOM") format.

Why does this timeline vary ?

Success! You can now access/view your records, share imaging into your Physician’s EMR or burn your own CD/USB from home. Your records are stored permanently, without any ongoing fees — ever — unless you want to add new records in the future.