Your Imaging Record Shouldn’t Be So Hard To Access.

So We Made it Easier.

We Partner with Imaging Centers to Bring Their Patients onto the PocketHealth Platform

We believe that, as a patient, having simple and secure access to your own medical record is essential to your care. Doesn’t it make sense to get your imaging done at a center that believes the same?

We’re building a network of imaging centers across North America that believe in easy, permanent record access for their patients. When you visit one of our partner centers for your imaging, you can request that they send you a digital copy of your entire record via PocketHealth. Once you retrieve your record online it’s secured on the platform forever, in full diagnostic quality. That means your imaging, accessible from any device (anywhere), and shared easily with any healthcare professional - even years down the road.

Want access to records from a imaging center or hospital we haven’t partnered with yet? Tell us about them and we’ll make it happen.

Become an Active Participant in Your Own Care

Receive and Store all of Your Exams Online

Keep all of your imaging in one secure location. Receive the results of new imaging, request priors electronically, and build your complete health record over time.

Instantly Share Your Imaging

Last minute consultation with a physician who doesn’t have access to your exams? No problem. Send your studies online, instantly.

Digitize Your Old Records

Receive a paper copy of your radiologist report, or have a stack of old CDs with your prior imaging? You can easily add them to your permanent online record along with the rest of your imaging.

How PocketHealth Helps

Better Access Leads to Better Outcomes

Ensure you receive the best possible care with resources that empower you to take control of your health.

Save Time & Avoid Repeat Radiation

Avoid unnecessary tests and radiation that can occur when your doctor does not have your prior imaging studies available to view.

Leave the CDs Behind

Save a trip back to your imaging center and avoid dealing with cumbersome CDs by storing all of your imaging securely in one online location.

Equip Yourself With the Tools to Participate in Your Own Health

With PocketHealth, you can advocate and champion your own health and quality of care while avoiding unnecessary procedures, anxiety, radiation and multiple trips from imaging center to doctor’s office. Finally - your health records, in your control.

Have Questions?

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page or send us a note and we’ll be sure to get back to you.

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