Our Mission is Simple:

Build a Truly Patient-Centric, Accessible & Responsible Image Sharing Network

This mission guides everything that we at PocketHealth do, from which imaging centers we partner with, to how we train our patient support team, and even where we place buttons on our platform (yes - really).

Our Key Principles

The foundation of our mission is based on three Key Principles: Patient-Centricity, Accessibility and Responsibility.


(aka: put the patient at the center of the record transfer process, not outside it)

Typically, healthcare records (and the systems that store them) are built to be moved from healthcare provider to healthcare provider only. That meant every healthcare provider needed to be connected to, well, every other healthcare provider that you visited and that a patient’s health record is rarely shared directly with a patient. This led to a complex situation:

PocketHealth works differently. We believe that the easiest way for a health record to get to where is needs to go is to give it directly to the patient. This eliminates the complexity of having to connect hundreds of different healthcare providers together, and also helps patients become active and engaged participants in their own care. This model is simpler, and turns the complex diagram above into something more like this:

We’ve found that by building a platform that actually put the patient at the center of every information transfer, things get a lot simpler for everyone involved.


(aka: build a platform that is simple to use, affordable for everyone, and can pull records from anywhere)

To us, accessibility is simply the ability for the patients who need their records to be able to obtain them in a timely manner. Following this principle means building PocketHealth to work for all patients, regardless of socioeconomic status, computer-literacy, or location. Over our years of operation, we’ve found that making accessibility a reality boiled down to a simple, 3-part formula:


(aka: accompany records with meaningful education, guidance and support for patients)

Lastly, PocketHealth is guided by the conviction that responsible record sharing means more than sending image files. We believe that patients need guidance on how to use their record to improve their care, and that means emphasizing the importance of medical expertise in interpreting their imaging. With PocketHealth, we work to not only empower patients with their health data, but also educate them on who it can be shared with, how it should be secured, and the limitations of non-medical analysis. In reality, this education means engaging with the patient at every step in the process, even before they receive their first record:

These three simple principles - Patient-Centricity, Accessibility and Responsibility - have helped grow PocketHealth to over ten thousand patients, hundreds of healthcare professionals and dozens of X-Ray, Ultrasound, MRI/CT, Cardiology and Nuclear imaging centers across Ontario. As our growth continues our mission will stay the same, these principles will continue to guide us, and our dedication to our patients, healthcare professionals & imaging centers will remain at the core of everything we do.

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